Let's help you meet your health goal fast!

Tailored meal plans for people living with Diabetes, PCOS, Hypertension or for pregnant women, weight gain, weight loss, and weight maintenance.

Whatever your goal is, we provide the tools and support you need.


You can have


Meals tailored to your own tastes

Whatever your food preferences are, we provide a dietary plan for you.


Accurate calorie counters

Keep tabs on the amount of calories you consume.


Your personal dietitian

A personal dietitian would be on standby to answer all your questions.


Healthy Nigerian meals

Nigerian cuisine created with your health mind, so you can indulge without compromising on well-being.


Meal suggestions based on your available ingredients

Healthy meal combinations based on food items at your disposal.


Diet plan to meet your health goals

Lose weight, gain weight, eat well, or reduce sugar intake - your health goal is ours too.

We care about ...

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Your Pocket

A typical one-week meal plan costs N40,000 on average, but with N1,500 monthly you can get tailored meal plans and more.

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Your Taste

Curate your meal plans based on dishes peculiar to your taste or tribe.

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Your Worries

We have a team of licensed dietitians that are readily available to answer all your questions.

What people say about us...

Simply Amazing

As a pregnant woman, the struggle between knowing what's appropriate to eat and what's not has been one of the biggest challenges I have had to deal with. Sometimes my husband thinks I'm even paranoid. But DietBloom has been really helpful in that regard, and I'm pretty thankful

Christiana, Anambra

Best I've Used

I wanted to lose some weight and a friend recommended DietBloom to me. I've been following the plans and checking my calorie intake, and I feel much lighter. A few more kgs to go and I'll be at my goal!

Stephen, Lagos

Let's help you meet your health goal

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